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Bourke Street Bakery

This is the Central Baking Depot, the city outlet of the Bourke Street Bakery that produces fantastic sourdough fruit & nut bread which I toast. My favourite is Hazelnut and Sultana. Theeir complete range of sourdough breads at CBD is:

hazelnut & sultana sourdough (tues, thurs, sat)
potato, rosemary & nigella seed (tues, thurs, sat)
chopped date & walnuts (mon, wed, fri)
soy and linseed (mon, wed, fri)
apple, currant & oat tin loaf (wed, fri)
rye grain & caraway (mon, tues, thurs)
four seeded (wed, fri) 

[Hazelnut & Raisin bread - in my hands!]


They also produce lots of other beautiful looking sweet items that I don't dare eat.


This has to be the best all-round bakery in the city area.


Bourke Street Bakery - Central Baking Depot
37-39 Erskine Street, Sydney
7am to 4:30pm Monday-Friday
8am to 2pm Saturday
closed Sunday.





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