" Reason thus with life: If I do lose thee, I do lose a thing that none but fools would keep... "

"Death is the greatest of all blessings to men."

" It takes billions of years to create a human being. And it only takes a few seconds to die."

" I am aware of the baton which is passed from one generation to the next. This is a life, take it, it's yours. Use it well and pass it on. History is full of truncations, where the baton was dropped, or fumbled, withheld or snatched violently away. I was a fumbler myself... "

" ...she thought the human life span was too long. 'Really, I've finished my life,' she said. 'I finished it when the girls got grown. But here I am, just hanging around, marking time, waiting for things to wind down.' "

" The most beautiful death is the one that is most willed. Our lives depend on the will of others; our death depends on our own. "













thoughts on one of the more important deaths in history?

            Your life is slipping away...             ...the body...             ...and social order...

      violent, sudden...    your own hand...



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