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The Publicist was founded by W.J.Miles and published by Miles and later P.R. Stephensen between July 1936 and March 1942.

The stated objective of the journal [graphic of back cover - 88 kb] was to encourage a distinctive national culture. The journal has been described as ", pro-fascist, pro-Aboriginal, anti-British, anti-communist, and anti-semitic...". Articles [including fiction and poems] were written by W.J.Miles [under the pseudonym "John Benauster"], P.R.Stephenson, and others [graphic of contents page for bound edition of numbers 7 to 12, Jan to June 1937 - 134 kb].

An article written by W.J.Miles for the June 1937 edition, "A new Australia in Australia", is available to read:
     Column 1 - 154 kb
     Column 2 - 203 kb
     Column 3 - 288 kb
     Column 4 - 313 kb
     Columns 5 & 6 - 94 kb

An extract of an article "Australia's National 'Soul' - Some respectful suggestions to the Bishop of Goulburn", by P.R.Stephensen, for the June 1937 edition, is also available:
     Extract - 180 kb

The Mitchell Library in Sydney holds other copies of The Publicist, I think.





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