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Answers to such existential questions are never easy, but I can say a few things about different roles I take, and put together, the picture begins to be filled out. The pictures above all say something too, especially Paul Gauguin's self portrait.

I am employed as a clerk (and given the glorified title of Administrative Officer!). In announcing my change of employment there from part-time to full-time, my only distinguishing feature which my boss could think of mentioning was my propensity to write "quirky emails".

I also have a role as father. Who knows what role that should be like? Not me...but I have 'sired' three children, so a significant part of my life is do do with my relationship with these three people - fathering, I guess. I suppose you judge the success of this role by the degree to which the children grow up as happy, well adjusted, independent adults. Score: 3.5 out of 10 for this performance?

Of course, I didn't create these children on my own. I have a role as marriage partner too. We've been together since 1976, so if longevity of relationship is the criterion for success, I'm doing ok. However, there's a strong argument that the quality of relationship is rather more important than the duration of the legal contract. I guess you'd have to ask L about that...but I'm guessing my report card summary would be "Could do better".

In terms of my habitual behaviours, I am a vegetarian, coffee-drinking, fiction-book-reader, who spends a lot of time going places by foot (walking, jogging slowly) and prefers to inhabit the early mornings when there's not too many other people around.

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